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Aspan Plaza
22821 Lake Forest Drive, #114
Lake Forest, CA 92630

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EPE Training Systems has closed. Many thanks to our former clients.

You won't find most of our equipment in a traditional gym. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find any training facility, anywhere, with the same high-end quality equipment. Our inventory includes:

1. Indoor Turf
2. Outdoor Training Area

3. Elite FTS Power Racks
4. Supercat Jump Squat Press
Versa Climber
6. Prowler Sleds

7. Five-stack Pulley Machine

8. Leg Press Machine
9. Dragging Sleds
10. Glute Ham
11. Reverse Hyper
12. Concept 2 Rower

13. Bumper Plates
14. Huge Variety of Barbells

Texas Power Bars, Safety Squat Bar, Cambered Bar, Rogue Bars, Neutral Grip Bar, Fat Grip Bar, Buffalo Bar, Bandbell (bamboo) Bar, Log Press Bar, Trap Bar, etc.
15. Strongman Wheel Barrow
16. Bulgarian Bags
17. Farmer Walk Handles
18. Tractor Tires
19. Conan Wheel and Strongman Yoke
20. Powermax 360
22. Kettlebells

23. Rogers Tred Sled
Typically found only in high-level football programs
24. Medicine Balls
25. Airdyne
26. Ropes
27. Landmine
28. Indian Clubs and Macebell
and more…

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EPE Training Systems, Aspan Plaza, 22821 Lake Forest Drive, #114, Lake Forest, CA 92630