EPE Training Systems, Group and Personal TrainingEPE Training Systems, Group and Personal Training

The EPE Athlete's Training Program

Fact #1
The basic foundation for developing a young athlete, or preparing any athlete for their given sport is to develop their general strength levels and aerobic capacity.

Fact #2
The main objective of a strength and conditioning coach is to ultimately improve their athletes’ rate of force production, along with their sport-specific conditioning. But before this can be done, the athlete must have developed a significant degree of strength. The strength will ultimately be expressed in terms of power, and then the athlete needs to be able to summon that power as quickly as possible – Rate of Force Development!

Fact #3
Often times parents pay a lot of money to see their child run speed and agility to drills in a fatigued state or with incomplete rests. The benefits from this type of training are limited and may not improve their child’s athletic ability as dramatically as is often claimed.

Fact #4
The four most important things a young athlete can do to improve their performance is:
- Improve rate of force production, in the gym.
- Perform a moderate volume of speed, acceleration, and agility drills – using complete rests in between intervals.
- Develop endurance in respect to the energy requirements for their sport.
- Improve their sport-related skills and IQ.

The Triphasic Undulated Block Periodization Program

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