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EPE Group Cross-Training
Geared toward individuals who like to keep moving and want to really “feel” like they’ve worked out!

There is no other training system in Orange County which brings so many different styles of fitness together into one intense program!

Round 1: Envision yourself performing three circuit sets of Dumbbell Floor Presses, Goblet Squats, and Banded Pull-Ups.
Round 2: You push a Prowler Sled and then pull it back with a Rope, moving into five Jumps onto a Large Tire – and repeat! Cap this round off after 15 minutes.
Round 3: You perform a circuit involving the Versa Climber, Kettlebell Swings, and Hanging Leg Raises, which make your abs scream at you! Now do it again and again – until you’ve completed as many rounds as possible within 10 minutes!
Cool Down: You’ve just completed your first 45 minute EPE Group Cross-Training class, and WOW, this is like nothing you’ve ever done before!

The EPE Group Cross-Training program lets you take advantage of a wide variety of modalities and equipment, including

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