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The EPE Executive Program

Fitness is an individualized process, and the very best systems will adapt and adjust to the present conditions. The EPE Executive Program adheres to this practice.

In an ideal world, a fitness program would involve the following components:

The EPE Executive program starts off as a five day per week protocol.

Days 1, 3, & 5 = 1 ½ hour sessions
Days 2 & 4 = 30-40 minute sessions

As your training continues, the structure of your program will change depending on your goals and your progress.
As a member of the EPE Executive Program, you also get “On The Spot Consultation”.
I make myself available to you, for any questions that arise, at any time – just call or text me.

For more information on any of the EPE programs, or if you would like a free trial session please contact us: