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EPE Training Systems has closed. Many thanks to our former clients.

Stephen Yale Personal Training EPE Training Systems

Stephen Yale
Owner and Trainer
ISSA Certified

30 Years of Fitness Experience

From 1993-1995, Stephen co-authored the cutting-edge training newsletter “Hardcore Muscle” with famed bodybuilding guru Dante Trudel  - who went on to develop the internationally popular “DC (Doggcrapp)Training” system. The newsletter reached somewhat of a cult status and pioneered the “High Intensity” style of training that has recently seen a significant resurgence in the fitness community.

Stephen has been training, counseling, or writing programs for individuals and groups for the last twenty years, both in a full-time and part-time capacity.

Rise of the EPE System
Entering the current decade Stephen brought together several of the various training disciplines he’d been using with himself and clients to forge a system that can respond to the different needs of a variety of trainees, while at the same time having the flexibility to adjust to shifts in training needs as goals are reached, allowing new goals to organically evolve. This system is called EPE, and it stands for “exercise performance enhancement”. The EPE system is the culmination of over thirty years of work, play, and research, and includes aspects of the following disciplines.

  • Barbell Strength Training
  • Bodybuilding
  • Athlete Training – Sport Specific Endurance
  • Athlete Training – Rate of Force Development / Power / Speed
  • Prehab / Injury Prevention
  • HIIT – “High Intensity Interval Training”
  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Circuit Training
  • Nutrition and Supplementation

The EPE system is grounded in the concept that a client’s results are maximized when there is an intelligent attempt to consistently better one’s previous performance. Log-entry books are used for each client to monitor and push performance, utilizing “past performance” as reference markers.

Work, play, discipline, results. This is the EPE way.

Welcome to EPE Training Systems.

Stephen Yale
Owner, EPE Training Systems

Personal Trainer

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